About me


Hello, we will know each other!

My name is Ksenia Timaeva, I'm a professional photographer. I live and work in Belgium. Has this happened to you? Moving on the family archive, you suddenly come across an old, long-forgotten picture of an ordinary family picnic. And at the same moment, as a bright flash, illuminates the tarnished moments. Every detail is in our eyes the smallest details. As if in real life you again feel the dampness of the autumn forest, a pleasant aroma of barbecue, cooked on the coals and spirits of a loved one. And for a long time you sit afterwards, unable to escape from the hands of the old picture, indulging in pleasant memories. The conversion of a photo from an image to a human memory is not easy and interesting. Only sincere emotions fill the pictures with their true content, make them alive. To see them, the catch and capture is a challenge for any professional photographer. And I gladly accept this challenge, each time shooting the camera and plunging into the photo session. For many years, and maybe decades, you suddenly encountered an old photograph in a pile of photographs of a family archive, and the feelings of long ago days were again awakened in your precious memories. I will be happy to become your family photographer! Let's write a chronicle of your family together!